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WELDING SERVICES: All  welders are ASME Section 9
      Certified and Tested under 1104 code.  Certified
      welders for stainless, heliarc, and exotics.

EXCAVATION SERVICES: A complete line of
      backhoes, excavators, dozers, front-end loaders and
      earth-moving equipment.  Trained Certified 

TRUCKING: Trailers large and small, low-boys, dump
      trailers, water trucks and winch trucks and the men
      that know how to use them.

LIFTING EQUIPMENT: Boom trucks, side booms,
      cherry pickers, cranes, and manlifts.

PIPELINE EQUIPMENT: Sidebooms, line locators,
      jeepers, pipe cradles, skids, ditching machine, testing

SAFETY EQUIPMENT:  Scott Air Packs, compressed
      breathing air, H2S monitors, gas alerts, construction
      lights, signs and barricades, norm meters, harnesses
      and lanyards, air masks with hoses and regulators, fire
      extinguishers, and First Aid kits. What your job
      requires, we can provide.

TRAINING: First Aid/CPR Training, Drug and Alcohol
      Testing, DOT Task Training, Task Assessments for
      pipelines, Tasks specific for corrosion technicians. All
      employees are trained, drug tested, safety oriented and job

RENTAL EQUIPMENT:  Air compressors, skid-o-cans,
      fresh water tanks, generators and lighting units, safety
      trailers and cool down facilities.

SANDBLASTING: Complete sandblasting, painting tools
       and equipment to provide top quality finished jobs.

ROUSTABOUTS: Knowledgeable supervisors and foremen that
      know the oil-patch and have the equipment on the trucks
      (impacts, air compressors, tools, etc.) to drive to do the
      job requested.

MISCELLANEOUS: Soil compaction equipment, cleaning
      services, trash hauling, mowing (large and small), discing
      and seeding and yard maintenance.